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More Sexy, Daring And Stunning Malaysia Actress Pictures

Malaysia actress and female celebrities have become far more sexy, daring and stunning recently. Nowadays, there is a lot of private sexy photos collection of Malaysia celebrities uploaded into the Internet. Some of them too sexy to be shown here.
However from the information we got, the actress in these pictures acted in the Kami drama. Her name remain unknown until now but she has a beautiful face and sexy body.
More pictures of sexy, daring and stunning Malaysia actress pictures by reading the full article.

Amber Chia

Sexy Amber Chia Pictures and Biodata
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It is winter in New York but Amber Chia is opening a hot, new chapter in her career.
Looks like everything’s coming up roses for Amber Chia. The Malaysian model and actress will be making her big debut at the New York runway, appearing at the Fashion Week for the Victoria Beckham collection and Paris-based designer Farah Angsana.
“This will be such good exposure for me. It is a big job and I am so excited to get it,” said Chia, who will also be working on brochure shots for L’oreal.
Amber Chia: ‘It feels good to be a student again.’
The week-long New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Collections, which starts tomorrow, is expected to be attended by 100,000 buyers and fashion editors. Chia, 27, will take part in Angsana’s opening show on Monday while details for the Beckham assignment are still being worked out.
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Amber Chia Biodata/Profile:
Date of birth: December 14, 1981
Place of birth: Ipoh, Malaysia (grew in Tawau, Malaysia)
Height: 173 cm
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Measurements: 32 – 25 – 34
Weight: 50 kg

Gambar sexy Anak SMA

Zouk 6th Anniversary dalam kenangan

The grand dame of the Malaysia entertainment venues, Zouk KL, just celebrated its 6th Anniversary in true opulence last weekend with the theme ‘The Mad Hatter’s Party’. With the attendance of over 5,000 guest that night who were made up of loyal customers and members, VIPs and celebrities with a huge contingent of the media and press, were treated to a welcome sight like no other.
Upon registration, guests were spellbound to the fully transformed courtyard area titled the Mad Hatter’s Tea Garden where multi-coloured giant mushrooms, tea cups and arm chairs were laid out for our guest to play around in. Special guest Zlwin & David Lai – the renowned Mentalist were called into enthrall the crowd with their many unique and unexplainable mind magic. More than 15 different beautiful, bizarre and eye catching performers in various HAT costumes entertained guests as they enjoyed a free flow of cocktails outside in the early part of the night.
At 11pm, the birthday gambit featured Zouk KL’s Managing Director Mr. Anthony Wong, Executive Director Mr. Cher Ng unveiling a commemorative giant No. 6. The gambit was completed with a Moet and Chandon Golden Pod ritual which consisted of a Magnum of Moet and Chandon champagne in a gold cage. Bottles popped and toasts made, it was time to PARTY!
TERRACE BAR aka The Mad Hatter’s Disco featuring DJ Terence C (8.30pm to 10.30pm)
ZOUK aka The House of Cards featuring DJ Terence C (10.30pm – 3.00am)
PHUTURE aka The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is where our R&B loving crowd was treated to a spectacular set by DJ Luqe & DJ Ken (10.30pm – 3.00am)
VELVET UNDERGROUND aka The Secret Garden featuring DJ Ken, MC Point Blanc and Pietro churned out the best of commercial pop hits all night long (10.30pm – 3.00am)
BARSONIC aka Tweedledee & Tweedledum’s Room of Fun featuring Twilight Actiongirl (TAG) vs Didjital. TAG played their now trademark indie, rock and dance music to a heaving and enthusiastic crowd all night while Didjital counter blasted his hard core electro sounds.
ARISTO aka The Secret Door featuring DJ Shazz
As the night drew to a close, happy faces left the building happy in the fact that they had witnessed one of the best parties KL has seen in a long time. Zouk KL would like to thank the business partners, sponsors and most of all the clubbers for SIX great years of support, loyalty and great times while looking forward to spending many more a great night with them all.